Baby Sessions

Those first few days and weeks of your babys life are so special. Those tiny little fingers & toes, the velvety soft new skin! Perfect in every way and a perfect time to capture them whilst they are still all curled up and sleepy. The bond between new parents and their baby is indescribable, thats why I love photographing mummies and daddies with their new baby.

It might not feel like the best time to have a photo shoot, but it is the one time of your childs life that is worth documenting and keeping forever!

What happens at your Lifestyle Newborn Baby Shoot?

This is a very relaxed and slow paced shoot, usually taking several of hours or more, which is determined by your babys needs; taking breaks for feeding, nappy changes, a cup of tea!..I usually do lifestyle photography in your home, to capture your baby at the start of their journey.

When photographing your baby, it will be very warm! This is so your baby can maintain its body temperature, even when in their birthday suit and also they will probably fall asleep, which is great. I do a lot of skin-to-skin photography, which is done in a subtle way to maintain yours and your babys dignity! Also any special blankets or hats are lovely to use as props, but I do have my own too. 

I am a mummy too, so there is no need to worry about the odd accident! 

How much does a Newborn Baby Shoot cost?

Your Newborn Baby Shoot will cost £95

This includes:-

  • The shoot (around 4 hours)
  • Editing time
  • A Preview Session
  • A 8 x 10 Print from your session

 A full range of products are available to purchase at your preview session. See Pricing & Product Page for details